This new musical collaboration sees Dizzi playing both Dulcimer & Hang Drum on several of Barbara’s haunting songs.

Barbara J Hunt’s heartfelt songs have appeared in the British hit comedy movie ‘Confetti’ (2006) and more recently one of her songs was sung by Ben Barnes in ‘Killing Bono’ (2011). Dizzi and Barbara first played together at Glastonbury in 2010 and decided to do a couple of projects together. Barbara describes herself as ‘eclectic musically and philosophically’ and says her collaboration with Dizz...i ‘brings out a deeper intricacy and resonance in her songs of love and awakening’.

Find out more about Barbara on her website

Emily is Intricates newest member and is feverishly learning and writing beautiful Piano arrangements to further augment the 'Intricate' sound.

Truly beautiful, powerfully erotic, deeply enlightening, fabulously sensual, sweet uplifting sounds......Sensational Multi Instrumental Duo/Trio featuring mesmerizing melodies from Dizzi Dulcimer and angelic vocals from Barbabra J Hunt. Intricate is based in Somerset and available for bookings now!

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